Velcome to Kulturringen – Culture by Bike

The Danish bicycle tradition is a crucial part of Danish Culture. Kulturringen – Culture by Bike is an unique opportunity to experience 540 km/335 miles of Danish Culture. The route is crammed with cultural and natural experiences. Get off your bike and explore small museums, swim in the ocean like a true viking or discover hidden ruins and barrows from ancient times.

Guidebook, digital guide or map? Find it here:

Download the 2. edition of guidebook here: Kulturringen_ENG_2019

Small digital guide: Have a look at the route on your computer, smartphone or tablet here

Map in pdf here: Kulturringen_Map_2019

Guidebook – Culture By Bike in East Jutland

You can buy the first edition of the official bicycle Guidebook Kulturringen – Culture by Bike. In this guidebooEnglish Guidebookk, you will find maps, pictures and descriptions of the 20 unique routes. You get tips for staying the night, places to eat an much more. 176 pages which guides to the best experiences on your trip. The route is also signposted.

Two new routes has been added, but is missing in this first edition. You can download the 2. edition here: Kulturringen_ENG_2019

You can buy it for 50 dkr., which is less than 7 Euro excl. shippingcosts and fees.

Buy the guidebook here:

You can buy the guidebook online at Cyklistbutikken 1905

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Bike Travel

If you would like to buy a Bike Travel, with accommodations, bikes etc. along parts of the route – Se what Ruby Travels offers you;